Florida's Multi-Tiered System of Supports

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Florida's Multi-Tiered System of Supports

This website provides a central, comprehensive location for Florida-specific information and resources that promote system-wide practices to ensure highest possible student achievement in both academic and behavioral pursuits.

The collaborative vision of the Department and statewide projects, Student Support Services Project, Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project (PS/RtI) and Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project (FPBS), supporting the implementation of Florida’s MTSS is to:

Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Guidance
is entitled MTSS Implementation Components: Ensuring Common Language and Understanding, which was jointly developed by the FLPBS and FL PS/RtI Projects in order to help support alignment of common language and common understanding regarding MTSS and the use of RtI data.
Math and Science Model Lessons
is a series of web-based model lessons that feature school-based leadership teams engaged in the problem-solving process and teachers providing high-quality standards-based instruction.
A practical resource: Guiding Tools for Instructional Problem Solving - Revised (GTIPS-R), is a web-based "how-to" manual and toolkit for school teams and educators engaged in the systematic planning/problem-solving process for individual students or groups of students with the intention of improving student outcomes.

November 2015 - be sure to check out the new, online version of the GTIPS manual, the GTIPS-R.
An introductory video for parents about the concepts and practices related to the school-level use of problem solving and how it affects their child in the context of the school-wide implementation.

The Parent Resource Guide Print Version (ResourceGuide_print.pdf) is a half page flyer that schools can print and disseminate to parents and teachers for awareness of resources available to them to increase family engagement within a multi-tiered system of supports.

The Parent Resource Guide Digital Version (ResourceGuide_final.pdf) is for downloading and works great for parents and teachers who want to view and access a variety of specific resources to increase family engagement within a multi-tiered system of supports.